Circularity is NEW line.

To solve pollution problem of textile industry, resource usage and production steps must be decreased, which means either recycling wastes or increasing efficiency of material usage, new methods are needed, to create more sustainable Eco-systems.

Recycling can turn wastes into new fibers that can be used as a new resource. It can resolve many problems in one. No matter how complex wastes are, they can be turned into valued new materials.

Recycled Cotton is NEW sustainable material.

In modern textile production, sustainability is not a term which is taken into consideration deeply, actually as professionals in the sector, we should highlight its importance and significance to make our life liveable and sustainable.  It is quite clear that sustainability is both must and necessary, it is not a choice but a duty in our conscious world. Undoubtedly, we, as textile engineers, come up with the idea that textile business should focus on the importance of this matter and play their part  to secure a sustainable future, as well as every sector in society . However, when we have a look back to reality, we used to focus on production and consumption more and more, that is, we couldn't take the most significant steps in sustainability. In addition to this, we ignored about the waste thrown away. In time, the issue has come up  most commonly and we have come to the point that  every inch of area, every m3 of air and every waste is crucial to have an environmentally conscious society. Naturally the renewal tells us what we need: it should be reformed and it can only be done by reshaping our methods. We keep in mind that 'Smart touches make  big difference!s'

Created by Eşref KOÇAK, Den-Z Recycling Projects and Consultancy Company designs, plans, constructs and assists, recycling and circular projects for mass production.

Eşref Koçak

17 years experienced textile engineer, project manager, and industry player who specialized on cotton and textile fibers, yarn and fabric manufacturing.

Established projects in Ethiopia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, and Bulgaria. Latest project is Bornewa Recycled Cotton and Yarns who is leading company in mechanical recycling and recycled yarns.



We want engineers, designers, managers, and all professionals involved,  to think about their craft and how it will work with the sustainability, we want you to think about how words can brings solutions.